Policy Lazer Lounge


Cancellation / No Show Policy

I require at least 24/48 hours notice for any clients that need to cancel. If you cannot provide this notice it will result in the loss of your booking fee. This policy is set as I would not be able to refill the cancelled slot in under 24/48 hours. 

Late Arrival Policy

Please arrive to your appointment on time. If you are late, please note that the time will come out of your allocation, which may result in less lash / laser coverage. You will still be charged for your full appointment. 

Sickness Policy

If you, or someone within your household, has become unwell and/or has a contagious illness, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment. 

Non-Refundable Booking Fee Policy

To secure an appointment, I may require a non-refundable booking fee. This fee will be discounted off the cost of your treatment. Payment is made when you initially book, either by bank transfer (if over the phone/online) or also in cash in person if you prefer. 

Infilling Other Technicians Work Policy

Due to the high quality of products I use, I will not in-fill another technicians work. A removal and full set would be required in this instance.

Laser Hair Removal Policy

Clients must shave the area which is having laser hair removal between 72-12 hours and the area freshly cleaned on the day of the treatment. If the area isn’t shaved then we have the right to refuse treatment with no refund as the time will be lost.