Laser hair removal permanently removes unwanted body hair for everyone and is an effective and gentle way of reducing unwanted body hair.

We offer all the information you need and explain every aspect of the treatment in this article.

All About Laser Hair Removal

This section expounds on hair removal and provides insight into what it is and everything you’d want to know about this treatment.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a sought-after treatment for its permanence and speed. This hair removal method has been around since the 1990s and is a gentler way to eliminate tinier and more significant areas of unwanted hair.

The method directly delivers laser light to the hairs’ roots within the follicle.

The best part of laser hair removal is that it yields more permanent results than other temporary hair removal methods, including plucking, waxing, and shaving.

Understanding the Hair Structure

Usually, the hair strand extends into the deeper skin layers, and a sheath called the hair follicle surrounds it. This sheath consists of connective tissue and skin.

A bulb-like end exists at the hair strand’s base, where new hairs constantly form.

These new hairs then sprout at the surface and are typically dead. That’s why you won’t always feel pain when cutting your hair!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Lasers emit photons (light beams) targeting the hair follicle melanin pigments. Since dark surfaces absorb light (the melanin pigment, in this case), it doesn’t affect the surrounding skin, which reflects it instead. Technically, the photon heats the cells in the root of the hair within the follicle.

Hair growth then becomes inhibited since the heat the laser generates damages the cells in the hair root within the follicle.

A series of laser treatments are usually necessary to ensure that all the hair gets treated during the growing phase. The treatment is usually ideal at this stage since the hair is actively growing. The therapy ceases to be more effective during the hairs’ resting phase since they may not absorb sufficient laser light and can continue to grow.

Understanding Hair Growth

Some hair follicles can actively grow while others rest since they typically grow in cycles.

The subsequent growth cycle usually begins when a hair follicle is in the resting stage, and new hair replaces it after it falls out.

The hair growth cycle on the other body parts takes a month or more before resting. However, that on the head lasts longer, between four and seven years.

Who Is Laser Hair Removal Ideal For?

Several factors determine whether or not this laser hair treatment is ideal for patients.

The hair colour and skin tone determine the treatment approach and are essential considerations. For instance, the specialist Nd: YAG laser settings are ideal for the darker Afro-Caribbean and Asian skin types.

Our free consultation usually assesses suitability, and we’re happy to help. However, those unsuitable for the treatment include patients with the following:

· A history of sensitivity to light-based treatments

· A recent sun tarn

· Active infection in the treatment area

What Does Having Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

Before treatment, it’s usually best to ask about the entire process to understand what you’re getting into. Signing in for this treatment is a decision you should make off the top of your head since it’s usually not risky. However, it helps to consider the duration and the flexibility it offers.

What Should I Ask Before Getting a Laser Removal Treatment?

Here are a few essential things you should check with your laser removal clinic before getting a laser hair removal treatment.

· Inquire about what they do to minimize discomfort or pain

· Ask about the cost and the treatment count you need to achieve your desired outcome.

· Ask about the recommended aftercare by the clinic

· Inquire about any treatment side effects and risk

· Ask about what they’d do if the outcome doesn’t satisfy you or if anything goes wrong

· Determine whether or not you need a follow-up appointment

Please desist from the treatment if you aren’t sure about your practitioner’s ability to treat you. Besides, you should avoid this treatment if you worry about your safety.

What Questions Should I Expect From the Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

To ensure that this treatment option is ideal, you should expect your practitioner to assess you by asking a few questions. Such questions include why you need to undergo the treatment and which outcome you want. Besides, your practitioner should inquire about the current medications you’re taking and your medical history. That should offer insight and ensure that the outcome is ideal for you.

The practitioners should explain why this hair removal option isn’t suitable. If possible, they should recommend ideal alternatives.

What Should I Expect During the Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Your practitioner should assess for the correct laser settings to eliminate any risk to your skin. They, therefore, should perform a test dose for your first visit.

Your handlers will pass the laser light over your skin to visibly reduce the hair. The growing hair should absorb it and become nearly invisible.

The practitioners will also ask you to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Besides, they’ll require that you remove any metal jewellery or glasses.

Which Body Parts are Laser Hair Removal Ideal For?

You can undergo laser hair removal on any body part.

Any area having unwanted hair is suitable for the treatment. However, the hair in these areas should have some degree of pigmentation.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Your treatments will vary depending on the hair density, complexion, and area you need to treat. We recommend six to eight treatments with a four to six-week gap between them.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The laser hair removal treatment usually varies in price depending on the area you need to treat.

We offer a vast range of packages that you can choose from to help personalize your treatment. Your practitioner should confirm the cost then.

How Long Should the Treatment Take?

Your practitioner should offer insight into the time it should take to treat your hair during the consultation. However, that entirely depends on the area that needs the treatment.

To offer some perspective, treating a much more significant part should take more than an hour. However, treating a tiny area like the upper lip might only take a few minutes.

How Quickly Can I See the Results?

Hair usually takes days to weeks to fall and not immediately.

Repeated treatments are, therefore, necessary to catch the hair follicles at the correct point of their growth cycle. That’s necessary since laser treatments work best when hair is growing.

How Long do the Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

How long the laser hair removal last depends on your skin type. You may require maintenance treatments once or twice annually if you need to maintain results after the recommended number of treatments.

Remember that the number of treatments depends on several factors, all of which we’ll advise on during your initial consultation: your skin colour, hair colour, density, and the site where the hair grows matter.

Can I Have Laser Removal Combined with Other Treatments?

The area you must treat should always remain clean and free from creams and oils. We don’t usually recommend having laser hair removal treatment on the same day you have other treatments.

You shouldn’t, therefore, combine tanning injections and treatments with laser hair removal.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Our lasers are light-based aesthetic at Lazer Lounge and use 1064nmNd.yag and 755nm Alexandrite wavelengths.

Besides, our lasers are comfortable since they have a built-in cooling device.

What are the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Side Effects?

A redness and swelling lasting for a few days may be your possible experience.

Crusting may occasionally occur in the treated area for a few days. You can, however, manage any minor tingling that appears similar to sunburn, occurring within the initial 24 hours.

Patients with darker skin can experience temporary pigmentation changes in certain instances.

What Precautions Should I Take After Having Laser Hair Removal?

It would be best if you got advice on adequately taking care of your skin from your practitioner after treatment.

Your practitioner may advise that you use at least an SPF30 or avoid tanning your skin for a particular period after treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Permanent?

Laser hair removal doesn’t permanently eliminate hair. Instead, it reduces them to their tiniest bits, making them virtually invisible. It’s not always easy to see them in that state, giving the illusion that they don’t exist.

However, the effects are usually permanent, except that you’ll need to conduct a few follow-up treatments to retain the permanence.

What Should I Do If the Treatment Doesn’t Appeal to Me?

You should talk to your practitioner if you’re unhappy with the treatment after the professional administer it safely.

We, however, recommend visiting an alternative clinic if you feel unsafe or aren’t happy with how the treatment took place. That should solve the issue or any that arise. Please remember that your safety over cost comes first, hence worth the salt. To help you pick an accredited practitioner using a register such as Save Face.

What Else Can Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take to Treat?

Laser hair removal can also help reduce red bumps and irritated skin that nuisance hair cause. Besides, the treatment also treats ingrown hairs.

Besides being ideal for treating any body part, they’re suitable for all skin types.

Hair laser removal in the United Kingdom

How Long Do I Have to be to Have Laser Hair Removal?

A seasoned and reputable may not treat anyone they feel is too young for the treatment. However, this treatment is ideal for virtually anyone, and no age restrictions exist.

Indo-Asian patients may consider laser hair removal an effective method to manage hirsute areas of puberty. However, this treatment may stimulate or affect hair growth and isn’t suitable as you approach puberty due to rigorous hormonal changes.

Safe Use of Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal can be perfectly safe when a qualified professional conduct it to counter the degree of risk that all treatments tag along with.

We’ll assess your skin type and projected outcome and discuss all risks during your consultation.

Can I Have Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant?

The bump and breast areas should always be no-go when receiving laser hair removal treatment. That suggests it’s a safe practice when your practitioner does it cautiously.

Remember that you may need additional sessions to manage rigorous hair growth due to the increased hormone levels during pregnancy. We would recommend a doctors note is needed.

Can I Have Laser Hair Removal When Breastfeeding?

You can carry our laser hair removal treatments when breastfeeding. However, you should avoid treating the area around the breast. We would recommend a doctors note is needed.

Can I Have a Laser Hair Removal Treatment Having an Infection?

It’s best to avoid laser hair removal treatment if you have a skin infection near or in the area you want to treat.

You should also inform your practitioner if you have a cold or any illness to help them decide whether or not the treatment will be safe.

Can I Have Laser Hair Removal for a Heart Condition or Diabetes?

You must undergo a rigorous risk assessment of these conditions during your initial consultation and discuss them with your practitioner. We would recommend a doctors note is needed.

Can I Possibly Have Laser Hair Removal If I’m on Antibiotics?

You must thoroughly assess the risk factor associated with the requirements for antibiotics with your practitioner during the initial consultation. We would recommend a doctors note is needed.

Can I Have the Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Scarred Areas?

We usually utilize specific Nd: YAG laser settings to ensure the treatment is gentle and safe on scarred areas. That should suggest getting this treatment on scarred areas is safe.

Do Other Factors Prevent Me from Getting a Laser Hair Removal Treatment to Exist?

It would help if you discussed your medical conditions and medications with your practitioner.

Is There an Allergy to Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair treatment doesn’t induce an allergy and is less likely to occur. However, it’s always best to discuss with your practitioner if you have a history of allergic reactions.

Are Home Hair Removal Kits Safe?

It would help if you only trust an experienced practitioner with laser removal. We strongly advise against using the much-tooted devices and kits for laser hair removal at home.

Professional laser hair removal is usually the most effective and safe.

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Legs laser hair removal smooth legs 1 session laser away unwanted hair, hair is never forever based in Ripley

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